The boathouse

Yes, surely our marriage had become a rather cherished habit by now, as Henrik called it. But which one wasn’t? Yes, and of course he was right when he said that our sex was somehow “out of breath”. I still clearly heard his words from our conversation yesterday.

Henrik had been looking for a discussion with me and so we had a cozy glass of wine in our garden and talked about our marriage with the chirping of crickets and in the light of the slowly setting sun. The fact that we still loved each other was not the issue, it was clear. We also knew at every moment that we belonged together. No, it was about bringing more momentum and energy back into our sex life. I hadn’t noticed it so drastically over the years that our eroticism was getting tired, but Henrik seemed to suffer a lot.

The fact that this July day was very warm and the evening was in no way inferior to our small “garden meeting”. We kept looking deep into each other’s eyes as we talked to each other. Precisely because it was about our love, our sex and our passion. And also because we felt how much we still felt for each other. We did not come to a correct result. But to a promise that we made to each other, namely to pay more attention to our togetherness and to revive them again and again as best we could.

It didn’t take long for Henrik to put an idea into practice that would deliver on that promise. Because only a few days later he took me by the hand after work and led me to our car. It was a warm day again and so I only wore an airy summer dress and light shoes, which he registered with an appreciative look. Grinning with anticipation, he held the passenger door open for me and when I got in, it started. We drove towards the outskirts. There he stopped at a hard shoulder, reached into his pocket and pulled out a cotton cloth. Before I could ask why he was carrying it and what he was doing with it, he already blindfolded me.

“What …” I started my sentence, but Henrik put his finger on my lips. “Pssst, don’t ask. It will be a surprise, ”he whispered in my ear and gave me a tender kiss. Then he started the car again.

We were on the road for an estimated hour. It seemed to be a pretty lonely country road, because I rarely heard the sound of another car coming through the open sunroof. I sensed that this surprise staged by my husband would have to do with our sex, and I was looking forward to it. It was even more than that, because when we drove like this, I felt this exciting heat spread deep inside me and the exciting tingling of expectation joined. I couldn’t tell if I was starting to get wet, but I suspected it. I would have loved to look over at Henrik, just take a quick look at his crotch. Did it excite him too? I suspected that too. Oh yes, I was looking forward to him.

“So we’re here, darling.”

I heard Henrik’s voice and noticed that he was switching off the engine. The next moment my door opened and Henrik took my hand.

“Come on, get out,” he asked me gently and immediately helped me with it, since I was rather awkward in my current blindness.

With my hand on his, he opened the trunk and took out a backpack. Then he locked the car. We walked hand in hand slowly over rough terrain. Henrik guided me carefully with his words and soon I heard water splashing against a bank. At the same time I heard creaking noises from boats hitting a jetty. And … yes, and it smelled of wood and water. I could hardly believe it. Did he really do it? Did he really drive me to the old boathouse? That was almost too good to be true. I stopped in disbelief.

“Henrik?” I held his hand back.

With a hidden laugh and immense anticipation in his voice, he answered me.

“Yes, Danni?” I was so overwhelmed that I was barely able to formulate my question properly.

“You’re not …? Did you really do it Are we at the old boathouse? “

Now he laughed softly.

“But yes!”

With that he pulled my blindfold down and lifted me up, still laughing. Throwing the backpack over one shoulder and carrying me on his arms, he took the few steps to get inside the abandoned boat shelter. He carried me through until we came to a jetty at the open end. There were also the little rowboats that I had heard earlier.

“Oh, it’s a dream, Henrik! But can we do that? Isn’t it actually deserted? “

I had long admired this boathouse from afar and as I drove past. I had always raved Henrik about this romantic place. That he remembered that he knew this was my favorite place! Again he put a finger on my mouth.

“It’s okay and everything is sorted out. Don’t think about it, just enjoy, darling! “

He pulled me into his arm and kissed me. Wild, demanding and full of desire. I pressed myself tightly against him and he pulled me into his arm as well. Without a word, but with a familiar self-image, we kissed hotly and full of desire. Now it was no longer a guess, now I felt very clearly that I was wet with excitement. And Henrik’s erection also pushed through the fabric of his pants. Oh how exciting it was!

After a while Henrik hesitantly broke away from me and brushed the backpack off his shoulder. He put it on the floor and pulled out a woolen blanket, which he spread out. Also baguette bread, red wine and cheese. He draped everything on the top of the blanket and looked at me with flashing eyes. I looked back excitedly. I praised him for the great idea with dinner, but he told me that I had to earn it first. I didn’t immediately understand what Henrik was looking at, because without hesitation he started to take off my dress and take off my bra. He also undressed himself. Then he ran out onto the jetty and jumped headlong into the warm water.

Aha! Now I knew what he was getting at. I got rid of the rest of my clothes and followed him. Not with such a daring jump, but rather cautiously, I stepped into the water from the bank, which became deep very quickly. After just a few steps I could no longer stand and I swam to Henrik. He received me with a deep look and took me in his arms. Kissing and still moving slightly so as not to perish, we increased our excitement immeasurably. I ran my hand down over Henrik’s body and felt his lust. And he stroked my skin too. The water was calm and smooth, there was a peaceful silence around us and no one far and wide. I loved it and was ready for anything and everything. Henrik also how I could feel clearly in my hand.

“God, Danni, it’s hot!”

I nodded and instead of an answer I spoiled him, which he acknowledged with a deep sigh.

It was fascinating to see how light our bodies felt in the water. The magic of this wet element and this tingling situation left only one wish.

“Come sleep with me …!”

Henrik’s eyes were filled with joy at these words. The unfamiliar environment and the feeling of our wet bodies seemed to catapult him into another dimension of desire. I wanted it too, absolutely! So I nodded and breathed a willing yes to him.

“Come on,” he then asked me and swam in front of me, closer to the shore. Here the water was less deep and we could feel the ground under our feet again. The damp element sloshed around Henrik’s chest and shoulders when he looked at me for a long time. His eyes went through and through. He told me about love, familiarity and sex, pure sex. I answered him and also looked him deeply and intently.

His hands were everywhere. They caressed and spoiled me and finally found the way to my pulsating center. Henrik sensed my desire and could hardly control himself. He caressed me from the inside and snuggled close to me. He showed me unequivocally what he wanted so fiercely, and since I could hardly think of anything else, I put my hand around his pleasure stick and put it between my thighs. Henrik sighed. He lifted my thigh and then all it took was a single, powerful move with his hip. Now it was me who sighed loudly.

“Yes, Henrik, good!” I whispered, hugging him closely.

The water pushed up between us and with each of Henrik’s lustful rhythm. We held each other in a loving hug and I had my leg wrapped around his waist. Henrik moved his pelvis at his own pace to immerse himself again and again. He sighed and kissed me deeply. I looked into his face, saw that he kept his eyes closed most of the time. When he opened it once in a while, a warm and eager look greeted me. Now I kissed him and pushed my hands down from his shoulders to his bottom. I felt his muscles tense and gripped tightly. That was when Henrik breathlessly announced to me that he would not be able to hold back for long. Instead of an answer, I kissed him again, letting my tongue find his and gently caress it. His grip tightened. Henrik had buried his face in my hair and sighed in my dark locks.

Now, Danni, now! “

Experiencing all of this here in the water drove my arousal curve up to the stop. Out of breath, he looked into my eyes and put my leg back on the floor. With the wonderful lightness that the water gave us, Henrik effortlessly lifted me onto his arm and carried me to the jetty.

I looked down at his blond wet hair and lay back on the sun-warmed wood. Oh, yes – it was wonderful! Henrik continued to spoil me, he still knew exactly how I loved it. It was heaven on earth when I sank embedded in the tenderness of my husband. Then he looked at me, first looking at my wet body, then my face. He immediately bent over me and kissed me again. I felt that the world was sinking around us and our kiss. But that was not important to me. Only his lips on mine and his soft tongue on mine counted that evening, which Henrik had prepared so grandly for us.

He got up and pulled me along.


“Yes, and how!”

We laughed at each other. Those were the first words we spoke again since he asked me so eagerly to follow him earlier. Arm in arm we went to the wool blanket. Once there, Henrik reached into his backpack again and pulled out two towels with which we wiped off the coarsest moisture from our skin. And a moment later we made ourselves comfortable on the blanket to enjoy the cheese, bread and dry red wine. We took turns drinking from the bottle and laughing conspiratorially at each other.

When it began to dawn and I was afraid that we would have to leave again soon, I asked Henrik if he would go swimming with me one last time. He looked at me and I noticed that a sly smile played around his lips. I grinned too, knowing exactly what he was thinking …

“So, what’s on?”

I asked him again and smiled sweetly. Instead of an answer, he got up and took me in his arms. He kissed my neck and shoulder, stroking my back. With a comforting sigh, I was just enjoying it when he suddenly let go of me, gave me a kiss on the mouth and then jumped into the lake with a start and again. I watched him do it. It looked awesome! So powerful, dynamic and full of energy. The water splashed up and his roaring immersion broke the evening silence. Some water birds startled and flew up.

I got in a little more carefully. But I enjoyed the now cooler water as much as Henrik. I swam a few puffs when I suddenly felt his hands on my skin. I was briefly startled because I hadn’t noticed him before. He must have gone under me. We both couldn’t stand at this point of the lake, so we moved our arms in small circles when we kissed again. Henrik pushed my torso back so that I was almost level on the surface of the water and on his arms. He spoiled me very tenderly.

“Henrik, it’s beautiful!”

I raised my head and looked at him. He looked into my face and nodded to confirm my words when he looked deep into my eyes. We found each other full of devotion to each other in the light of the setting sun.

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