Storm of love

A few last hours on Formentera, a hot, humid day, a fiery thunderstorm, a fairly narrow phone booth and two sex-hungry vacationers – the stuff that erotic stories are made of.

Formentera, a holiday bungalow and lots of sun! I’ve been enjoying all of this for two weeks now. My husband and the children had already left because of the start of school. I now had almost a week to myself. We have been going here for 3 years and I have known Benni for 3 years. I emphasize: on a friendly basis. Then it happened that I ran out of cash and cigarettes. The last foreign currency had gone for the taxi to the airport. Benni was supposed to be my salvation before I had time to change money again. I strolled around the bay hoping he would be home. Man must be lucky! His girlfriend had left for Germany two days ago – they had gone crazy, as is not only the case with young people.

When I rang the doorbell, it was silent. But he was there because I saw that on the racing bike leaning against the wall of the house. I went around the house because I suspected Benni was on the terrace. My assumption was correct: Benni lay naked in a chair, splintered. I made myself noticeable with a short cough. Benni blinked in the sun, grinned at me and said: “You are just right. Sit down! Do you want a pernod too? “

I nodded and said, “If you had a cigarette, you could save an old lady’s life!”

“Sure, I’ll bring it!” He promised, got up and disappeared into the house. I hadn’t really wanted to look at it, but it had been inevitable to notice that his best piece was facing the sun. When I got up I didn’t miss this – even the slight blush that had spread across his face. When he appeared on the terrace with the drink and a box of cigarettes, he was wearing boxer shorts.

“I just felt so naked!” He said in explanation when he felt that I had noticed the change.

I took the drink and the cigarette and Benni lit me. I took a deep breath and felt very tingled, glad I could hold on to the glow stick. No cigarettes for two hours and already withdrawal symptoms? No, it wasn’t why I was suddenly nervous. Bennis body turned me on – even in boxer shorts! If his girlfriend – a lovely young woman by the way – had been here, I would have gone. Why had she left early? I looked at Tennis’s broad cross, his skin that shone like alabaster in the sun, these muscular arms and exactly the amount of chest hair that appeals to me personally.

I had always liked Benni. But I would never have dreamed of making him beautiful eyes. The young happiness was sacred to me.

“Your drink tastes delicious!” I said – just to say something.

“I’ve been living on Pernod since Gigi left!” Benni replied. “You will certainly get along again!” I wanted to encourage him.

“She is a stupid cow!” Said Benni angrily. He blinked in the sun, I studied his physiognomy.

“May I have another one?” I asked, pointing to the packet of cigarettes.

“Logical. But it is the last box. Then someone has to go! ”He decided.

“What do you think of us walking a few steps around the bay and a bit into the city? I have to change money, too, ”I asked. “Good idea. Wait, I’m just putting on a pair of jeans! ” he was happy.

Although it was very hot, I hooked up with him when Benni offered me my arm in front of the house shortly afterwards. Enterprising we went around the bay past my bungalow towards the promenade.

Within a few minutes, the dry heat became thick, almost touchable. The sky had darkened and a dull rumble could be heard from far away. There would be a wonderful thunderstorm.

“Isn’t that fascinating?” Benni asked me. “Such natural phenomena are rare in Germany. Madness, this unpredictability of the sky! “

Then I felt a big drop on my forehead. Benni took my hand and we both ran. I sensed the goal: the only phone booth within 10 kilometers!

I cheered with pleasure, because now the rain was really falling on us. It was good and liberating. The cell was soon reached. But before we went in, we both stuck our faces into the water that came out of the sky. Childlike joy sparked from his eyes. He looked mischievous. I thought I could see audacity in it. It was now pitch black and the rain was pounding against the thick glass. It thundered and flashed as if the end of the world was approaching. Benni was still holding my hand. Our wet clothes smelled a bit like stale sea water. No one was to be seen far and wide. A sound made me look down. I burst out laughing because two coins had fallen from Bennis’ trousers. Benni also laughed: “Gigi had wanted to sew the hole in his pocket for weeks!”

As if on command, we both stooped to pick up the money and almost bumped our heads. Lust and eroticism were heavy in the air.

“Either we give in to the feeling immediately,” I thought, “or we leave the phone booth immediately and let the lightning strike us. . “

The coins stayed there, we raised our half-bent torso, stretched out our knees and looked at each other big and silent. Benni pressed against me. I felt his tense thighs press hard against mine and his penis was even harder. When Benni kissed my open mouth, my eyes wide open, I saw our bodies steaming. The cell’s glass fogged up.

It was not easy to get Bennis wet zipper of the jeans. He had to help me. Even my tight-fitting dress, under which I was naked, was difficult to pull up due to the wet conditions. At that moment I didn’t waste the slightest thought that anyone could see us. Our audience could have been all of Formentera. I didn’t care. I only realized that sex in a cramped phone booth wasn’t easy. Who comes up with such an idea? Benni’s pants and boxer shorts were stuck to my thighs, my dress was stuck at the waist. I had enough legroom that Benni could lift me up and hit my legs around his waist. The rain was still clapping extremely against our refuge when I felt Bennis best piece and he found his way into me very easily. I leaned against the inside of the cell with my buttocks so that it rumbled dull. The inside of the phone booth was steamed up, like in a bathroom after a full bath.

It had been years since my husband loved me in this position. Today I prefer to be more comfortable. For me, however, this adventurous way was so engaging that I forgot how hard it was to practice. Benni paused in the movement, wanting to save time, not spilling his powder right away. I crossed my legs more tightly behind his back and now set the tone because my lust was as tense as a bow. He was breathing heavily on my face, there was fresh sweat in the air and the lack of oxygen clouded me.

I had the feeling that I had a hot sword in my stomach, which penetrated deeper and deeper into me. Benni got his ‘knockout’ when I had the feeling of suffocation and disintegration. The sultry of our highlights surrounded us like a cocoon. We were unable to move and did not even have the strength to separate. Life came back to us very slowly. I relaxed my leg muscles on his loins, let my legs slide down on him until I was on firm feet again. The air in the cell was cut. Benni did the only right thing: he pushed open the heavy glass door.

It would not have been long before we died of suffocation. The way we were, I still with my dress pulled up, Benni with his various trousers that were now in the back of his knee, we faced the thunderstorm. A refreshment like our lust in the cell! “Now a cigarette!” I thought. Benni read my mind, reached into my wet pocket and took out the soaked box. There was wet, crumbled tobacco in it and something that could only be called cigarette paper remotely. Laughing, I pulled Bennis’s pants up, my dress down, and pointed to the coins none of us had picked up earlier. Benni took it and we walked hand in hand through the rain towards the promenade.

As soon as the thunderstorm came, it was gone. I still had a light, erotic high. The sun, which always shines here, broke through, and one could have believed that the storm was just a dream. I noticed from my soft knees that I hadn’t dreamed. Benni and I had a wonderful day and evening. But our phone booth experience was unique. In the evening he phoned Gigi and decided to fly back to Germany the next morning. I got on my socks a day later. What else should I do here – without Benni?

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