Extremely sexy

Callboy Rouven is looking forward to his first assignment from the agency. But this customer surpasses all of his expectations …

Rouven felt a little strange as he walked through the hotel’s luxurious foyer. He knew it was nonsense, but he had the impression that the eyes of those present would follow him. This ambience was not for him; in such a hotel, under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be able to afford half a room … and not even half a night. However, the circumstances were not normal. He had a job to do here. Also, he was a fan of Bongacams. And even if, of course, he didn’t have a sign saying “Callboy” anywhere, he felt as if everyone could see what he wanted here …

Irene was waiting somewhere on the third floor; he didn’t know any more. The agency had only given him his first name and room number. Rouven took a deep breath. He climbed into the elevator, pressed the button, and waited. Next to him stood women in fine clothes, men in expensive suits. He was wearing jeans and a black sweater. The head of the Callboy agency had told him to present himself to the customers in an appealing and appropriate manner, but Rouven did not have a single suit. So his clothes had to be appropriate enough. That being said, he also found it ridiculous to go to a sex job and look like a manager on the way to a business meeting.

He still didn’t really know how he felt about the whole thing. On the one hand, he was happy to meet the requirements of the exclusive escort agency. He had been thinking about earning a little extra income through sex for a while, but he had hesitated because he didn’t really know how to do it. When he then stumbled across the advertising of this company, which was supposed to appeal to the female sex, he had reported there without further ado and asked whether there was still a need for men. The lady on the phone had sounded reserved, expressly advising him that high demands were made on the men who could be mediated … appearance, demeanor and so on and so on … However, Rouven had not let up and managed to get at least one To secure the appointment. After that, the agency was silent for a while. He had almost given up the desire to make a lot of money as a call boy, when the phone rang and a nice female voice asked if he had time the following evening for a regular customer whose usual company was unfortunately already booked. Rouven had happily agreed. However, the euphoria did not last long.

Even if the basic idea that sex was fun and that it would be the perfect business to get a lot of coal for it was still there, the first doubts crept in. Only now, on the way to Irene, did Rouven realize that he had no idea what to expect. After all, it was a completely strange woman whom he was about to spoil, and there was at least the possibility that he would not like her at all. A withdrawal was also out of the question. He needed money, he had had a unique chance to be placed through such a reputable agency … now he would do it. And he would enjoy it, Rouven decided. This was just about sex.

Smiling, he knocked on the door with the ornate, golden 318. His heart pounded and he felt his fingers shake. Still, he struggled to show a serene expression. He wanted to look as confident and professional as possible. When the door opened, he took a step back. The woman standing in front of him was so much smaller than he was that he needed the distance to look her in the face. Obviously, she had been over 40 for a long time and was a good deal older than himself. That was precisely why he was surprised at how attractive she was. Why does someone have to pay for it? Shot through his head as he felt her gaze flit across his body. Only then did she open the door of the room invitingly and asked him to come inside.

“I’ve already been told that Tom has no time for me today,” she began in a warm, dark voice that didn’t want to match her delicate appearance. “But it seems to me that you are a worthy replacement.” At that, she grinned cheekily at him. Rouven swallowed. What should he say? Of course, he knew how good he looked and what effect his dark hair and blue eyes had on women. Still, he would have to prove his true qualities first. But how did he start now? He had no idea if she expected him to get straight to the point … or as a service provider, as he called it in his mind, should wait for what she wanted.

“You have no idea what to do now, it seems to me.” Again that provocative smile on her pretty face. She stood in front of him, still watching him as intensely as before. Slowly she started to open the buttons of her blouse. Rouven stared intently at the pale skin that appeared beneath it, the white lace bra she was now presenting to him. Without wanting it, the blood shot into his abdomen. He felt his penis rise. His biggest worry about whether his best piece might let him down in such a situation was over.

“What do you think if you help me?” The blouse fell to the floor. Irene’s breasts were small, but firm despite their age. Dark nipples shimmered through the light tip. Rouven could not be said twice. His limb pressed against the fabric of the jeans. Apart from this job, he always liked when a woman knew what she wanted. He liked it when asked. He came up to her and hesitantly began to stroke her. His hands moved over her warm skin, felt the gentle hills before he unclipped the bra and brushed it off her shoulders. Hard, excited buds protruded, which he carefully took between thumb and forefinger. Irene sighed softly. Rouven noticed that her eyes were closed. Braver, he zipped up the skirt. The fabric fell to the floor. He was surprised to see that his customer was not wearing panties. Without the skirt she suddenly stood before him; her pubic was shaved clean, no hair disturbed the delightful sight. Lust pulsed through Rouven’s veins. That’s exactly how he liked it.

He pushed her to the bed. She let herself be conducted passively, obviously wanting to be pampered. At least she made no move to take it off or touch it in any way. She sat obediently on the wide hotel bed. Lasciviously she pulled her legs up to push herself further back on the sheet. Her heels rested on the mattress, as casually she opened her thighs so that he could look directly at her rosy, moist, shiny shell. Rouven bit her lip. As if from afar he heard the soft question: “Don’t you want to undress too?” He hurriedly removed his clothes and threw them aside. His penis rocked rock hard in front of his abdomen and elicited an approving sound from his customer when she looked at it.

He knelt down on the bed with her, spreading her open legs open. The aroma of her lust rose in his nose, further fueling his desire. This was not just a customer – Irene was an extremely erotic, attractive woman who openly wanted sex! He lowered his head into her lap. She groaned. Rouven lay on his stomach, shoved his arms under her waist. While holding her, he began to explore her pubic lips and tongue. He took his time, caressed her so tenderly and sensitively that she soon began to move her pelvis uneasily. She wanted more, but Rouven wasn’t going to be upset. He circled her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, sucked it gently into his mouth before he stopped again and turned back to her hot entrance, from which more and more of her creamy love juice was pouring out.

“Uuh, yes, you’re doing well …” The woman in his arms was slowly losing control. Rouven itself was getting hotter and hotter. His hard rubbed himself on the mattress under him and caused more and more showers that gave him goose bumps. He had to restrain himself and remember that this was primarily about Irene’s lust – after all, she was the one who paid. Still, he was ready to slide right into her. His tongue danced faster on her hotspot, his grip around her pelvis tightened. She twitched and writhed as she raced to her climax. She let herself fall uncontrollably into her lust, cheering him on with such dirty words that he had never heard from a woman’s mouth. When she came, she cried out. Rouven gasped. He was glad of the pause she gave him as she paused for a moment to regain consciousness. At that moment, he couldn’t have guaranteed anything …

“I knew it. You’re worth every penny, ”Irene purred into his ear a few minutes later. Her warm breath tickled him. She had freed himself from his grip, now nestled against him. Lust flashes flashed through his body as she playfully grabbed his hard and massaged it lightly. “I love it when a man is tall and tall. And as hot as you are now. But you will have to hold back a little longer … I have just started. ”This announcement already caused Rouven’s level of excitement to continue to skyrocket. Irene took no account of this. His despair seemed to be a real kick for her, because she quickly straightened up and knelt over him, smiling. Her wet shell hovered over his twitching thong. Her excited nipples rubbed against his chest. She looked down at him.

Again, Rouven noticed how lucky he was with this handsome first customer. Her dark hair framed the narrow face with the gray eyes, which showed some wrinkles, but which was nice to kiss. “I hope you have been warned that my lover has to do a lot. I’m insatiable … ”Her voice sounded provocative. Slowly her pelvis circled over his best piece, her wetness touched his acorn. She sat down on him almost as if in slow motion. Rouven gasped gutturally as his part disappeared into her. It was wonderfully tight and soaking wet from his oral arts. She tightened her muscles, pulling him in as deep as she could. He concentrated. Rouven had to do all she could to keep from ejaculating. He was slowly getting used to it. Irene’s careful movements prevented him from coming – instead, his lustfulness reached a whole new dimension.

It glided smoothly up and down. She varied the pace, the depth of his penetration … Rouven’s hands lay loosely on her thighs. The whole time her face was close to his. He saw the greed sparkle in the steel-gray eyes, the joy of the ecstasy in which she rocked further and further. Irish groans grew louder and more choppy. Suddenly she put a hand between her body and started to stimulate herself. Breathless, he felt her hand circling her clit. He wanted to come. Lust blazed in his loins, it was already pumping and pulsing in him. However, he had not expected his customer to be underhanded. All of a sudden she stopped, pressed firmly against him. Rouven thought she was going crazy. He was very close to it … only the last, final kick was still missing for an incredible explosion. However, she did not grant him this kick. Not yet.

Her hand rubbed faster. Bent over his torso, giving him a good view of the scene, Irene satisfied himself. Rouven had no chance of finishing it himself, no matter how palpable his orgasm had been. She was sitting on him, staring at his face ecstatically as she climbed the summit a second time and let out her emotions uncontrollably. His flask was clutched by her flesh, he felt the contractions when the woman came on him. Then she sank forward. Her weight pressed against his chest as she came to rest breathing heavily. Rouven surrendered to his fate. He put his arms around the delicate Irene and held her while she hugged him comfortably.

It went on for a while; However, Rouven’s piston remained rock hard. He was still lingering in his customer, who made no move to move away from him. He felt her wetness, the tightness of her vulva. With every slightest movement she tensed her muscles and almost drove him into a frenzy. Rouven suspected that she was well aware of the fact … and even though he longed for the liberating orgasm, it was a very hot game. He gently caressed her back; he realized far too late that he did not know whether this behavior was appropriate. After all, she wasn’t his girlfriend. Since she didn’t complain, however, he assumed that she liked it.

“Next round?” Enticing and with a seductive undertone, she asked this question close to his ear. Before he could answer, she had descended from him, now kneeling on all fours next to him on the bed. Rouven understood. And he was more than happy, after all, he could determine the pace and rhythm if he took them from behind. He slid into it again. Irene immediately acknowledged this with a pleasant hum. She seemed really starved – Rouven had never seen a woman who wanted to be so aggressively satisfied. Irene leaned on her forearms, holding onto one of the thick pillows that adorned the hotel bed. She had quickly adapted to his rhythm and was pushing towards him. Their bodies slapped together. This time she was wilder than before, seemed to enjoy the fact that he was losing his temper.

“Yes, come on, take me.” He hoped that she was aware of the risk she was taking. His limits were reached, his self-discipline exhausted. He was going to come. He penetrated her harder and harder. Her moan mingled with his as he flew to the climax at a gigantic pace. Rouven no longer noticed anything, he was just the hot fire in his abdomen. He did not hear Irene announcing her orgasm just before he … Breathing heavily, his customer was lying next to him. She seemed completely satisfied with herself and the world. He, on the other hand, struggled to organize his confused thoughts and emotions. Once again he wondered why such a woman booked a call boy … but there were a thousand reasons for that. Uncomplicated sex, when she needed it, was definitely one of them; another the fact that she was much older than him. Of course he hadn’t missed how much Irene enjoyed having such a young, potent lover in bed.

Inwardly, he congratulated himself on his decision to try this way of making money. If he met such hot women more often … that’s it. Goal! Grinning broadly, he stared at the white-painted ceiling and was proud to have gotten over his first time. Irene’s thoughts shone again

to read: “For the fact that it was your first time …” He looked at her irritated. How did she know? The question written clearly on his face, he straightened up. “Sweeter, don’t be offended. Of course, the agency warned me. They don’t want to risk losing one of their best customers. But I have to say – it was worth it. ”She laughed in a good mood. “But now it’s over. I have to get back to work. ”Rouven understood the ejection. They both rose from the bed. Was that now?

He knew that the agency was responsible for the financial side. He had nothing else to do, he could just get dressed and go. Just because? Bye bye and that’s it? The wonderful feeling of satisfaction still echoed in him. Irene leaned over, pulled his head down, and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

“You are extremely sexy, Rouven. I think we’ll see you again soon. ”She winked at him.

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