The boathouse

Yes, surely our marriage had become a rather cherished habit by now, as Henrik called it. But which one wasn’t? Yes, and of course he was right when he said that our sex was somehow “out of breath”. I still clearly heard his words from our conversation yesterday. Henrik had been looking for a discussion

Extremely sexy

Callboy Rouven is looking forward to his first assignment from the agency. But this customer surpasses all of his expectations … Rouven felt a little strange as he walked through the hotel’s luxurious foyer. He knew it was nonsense, but he had the impression that the eyes of those present would follow him. This ambience

Dune games

An encounter, a look – and it happened to them. But can that really be? Can she let the much younger handsome boy come close, show him what it means to love and to be loved? And if it’s only for one night … The soft plastic ball hit my navel exactly. Startled, I opened

Storm of love

A few last hours on Formentera, a hot, humid day, a fiery thunderstorm, a fairly narrow phone booth and two sex-hungry vacationers – the stuff that erotic stories are made of. Formentera, a holiday bungalow and lots of sun! I’ve been enjoying all of this for two weeks now. My husband and the children had