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An encounter, a look – and it happened to them. But can that really be? Can she let the much younger handsome boy come close, show him what it means to love and to be loved? And if it’s only for one night …

The soft plastic ball hit my navel exactly. Startled, I opened my eyes and looked for the culprit who had ruthlessly torn me from my best summer dreams. The culprit was young, maybe eighteen, and he walked quickly towards me. He was almost beautiful, his flesh firm and toned, and his skin tanned. Then he was with me. His blue eyes smiled happily at me. I looked up his long, straight legs until they met his crotch. I looked away in confusion. I was glad that he made himself smaller and settled next to me.

“Sorry!” He murmured in an amazingly masculine voice. He reached for the ball and rolled it between his hands. Smiling at me, he looked me in the eye and said, “If I’m honest, I’m not sorry!”

“And why not?”

He threw the ball in the air and caught it again.

“I was still not entirely honest!” He grinned broadly and put the ball aside. “The shot was aimed!”

I sat up, but he was still a head taller than me. His dark curly hair was ruffled by the sea wind and aroused almost maternal instincts in me.

“Did you bet?”

He looked at me in amazement, then laughed. “Absolutely not!”

He looked out at the water where a little boy was having fun with his toy boat, and then his eyes came back to me and looked at me thoughtfully.

“I’ve been watching you all the time and wondering how I could draw your attention to me.”

“Hm …” I just did and lay back on my blanket. He looked at my belly bluntly and after a while said: “Anyway, your cute belly has not been damaged!”

I amused myself royally about him and the way he flirted. Too bad the boy was too young for me and that put me in invisible chains.

“You are really a beautiful woman!” Said the young Adonis next to me and smiled at me. “And you are the first woman I tell that to!”

I was silent and looked into the small white clouds, heard a small child crying somewhere and watched the flight of a seagull that circled over the bathers. “I like the way you go, dress, yes, the way you hold your cutlery!”

Now I finally woke up and sat down again to be able to look him in the face.

“Does that mean you’ve been watching me for a while?” The boy made me curious. He looked at me sheepishly.

“I noticed you immediately. You came to ’Peters Fischrestaurant’, I saw you and my heart somersaulted! ”

I picked up sand and let it slide through my fingers. What did the boy want from me? I was thirty-six and far too old for him.

“At your age the heart is still somersault!” I replied.

“But it hasn’t done that yet!” He ran through his curly hair and his eyes looked at me seriously. “It really only happened to you and I’ve been close to you so many times …”

He was suddenly silent and seemed a little helpless to me. A little girl ran up to us and looked at us curiously. He stroked her face and ran away laughing.

“Do we want to swim together?”

He got up, maybe not yet a man, but certainly no longer a child, stretched out his hand and looked at me pleadingly. “Roasting in the sun is not good for your skin anyway, that makes wrinkles early!”

I took his hand and he held it for a few breaths. Then he kicked the ball away and said with a laugh: “I don’t need it now. It served its purpose! “

I was a good swimmer, but he was even better and kept catching up with me. Wherever I looked, there was always his young, beautiful face in front of my eyes and I started to find his flirt appealing. Flirt, here in the sea and on the beach, what was there? Afterwards we would part as if nothing had happened. Suddenly I was picked up by his arms. I felt him on my face, smelled the sea water on his skin and wanted to lick it. Was I out of my mind? I kicked like a madman, but he held me tightly.

“I want to carry you like this forever!” His voice had sounded tender and I looked at him for a moment, puzzled. Then I laughed at him and he put me on the floor, slightly piqued.

“Yes, just laugh! I fell in love with you anyway! “

I didn’t believe him. He flirted too skillfully or were there instruction books? His beautiful eyes looked at me faithfully and he put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m telling the truth!” He whispered.

Now I became restless, really restless, even though I said to myself that falling in love with this boy was impossible. Fleeing from myself, I ran away, but he stayed on my heels. “Now you can tell me to get out of there, then I’ll go. So I mean … ”I turned to look at him and he looked sad. “Maybe you should give me a very small chance and go out with me tonight!”

He was now very close to me and my face almost touched his chest. “You must be really crazy!” I murmured without looking at him. “Why don’t you fall in love with a girl of the same age? How old are you? “

“I am eighteen years old and I fell in love with you! When I see you, my heart is racing, at night I dream of you, should I say more? “

Again I felt the need to kiss his beautiful, smooth skin and that confused me more and more.

“Please don’t send me away!” He whispered and put his hand on my shoulder again.

“No, I’m not going to send you away!” I replied to my astonishment and he took this as an opportunity to immediately put his arm around my shoulders.

We really had an appointment for the evening. I had bathed and changed afterwards. Why did he choose me? The beach was full of young, pretty girls. I looked at myself in the mirror and was quite satisfied with my appearance. I instinctively felt that I wanted this boy. Had he really never had a girlfriend? The way he looked? I got scruples. Nevertheless, I made my way.

We had an appointment in a small restaurant and when I reached my destination, I became more and more concerned. I quickly ran past the front door, pushed myself through a crowd and hurried to the beach. No, it was impossible. I wasn’t allowed to feed the boy’s hopes and I didn’t want to be his teacher. I wasn’t good for that. I was certainly not a child of sadness and had had my experiences, and now there was this boy who wooed me and openly showed me his affection.

I leisurely hiked up the dunes with my shoes in my hands. A light sea breeze made the grass of the dunes dance. I found a sheltered place and lay down on the soft sand, looking at the starry sky. Suddenly I felt that I was no longer alone. My heart started racing. I sat down and peeked around. I saw him approach me.

“You wanted to pinch!” He called to me. His voice sounded a little disappointed. He stopped in front of me and looked down at me. “But that’s a good thing. So at least I have you for me alone! “

He sat down next to me and looked at me slightly reproachfully.

“Not all alone!” I pointed to the stars. “I belong to them too!”

“Also good, we are the stars! That tells me that you are romantic. Only romantic people look at the stars and think of something. “He took my hand and put his mouth on it. “Why are you so afraid of me?”

“I have no …”

“Yes, you have! They don’t want to accept me. “

Strangely, I gave him my hand and I really liked the way he held it. He came closer to me and tried to catch my eyes.

“You think I’m too young for you!”

“I really think so!”

He put his arm around my shoulders. I was startled. I could still brush it off, but could I? I was suddenly under pressure and felt unable to let my mind triumph. One to zero for my feelings, which found this boy extremely attractive.

“They smell so good!” He murmured and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I relaxed and even leaned my head against him. That certainly gave him courage and he searched my mouth.

“No, don’t do that!”

It started to crackle in me. He didn’t let my veto deter him and put his lips on my mouth. Maybe it was the starry sky, the smell of the sea and the rustling of the tall grass – or was it because of him? Anyway, I let myself be kissed and even wrapped my arms around him. A little later my hands ruffled his dark curly head. A bit breathless we lay down on the sand. He put my head on his shoulder and I started to forget how inexperienced he was.

“You are a beautiful woman …!” He whispered and hugged me. He sighed: “I don’t know what to do in such cases. I would like …”

“You want to sleep with me!”

I wanted to look at the sky, but met his eyes that were above me and I pulled him close and kissed him. He stroked my neck, chin and mouth again. His hand felt carefully against my chest. I felt the tender clasp and the gentle desire. And I wasn’t strong enough to dismiss him! He pushed the dress off my shoulders and his mouth followed the movements of his hand. I got doubts again and struggled with my scruples. I held his hand tightly and was unable to say a word.

“Let me go on!” He begged.

Very slowly he pushed my dress deeper and deeper until my breasts were bare. His mouth kissed my buds, his breath grew harder. “You’re getting stiff!” His voice sounded happy. “You really like it!”

He took a lot of time to caress my breasts and find admiring words. I started longing for his skin and started undressing him. Soon we were lying bare-chested in the soft dune sand. And when we touched in a violent hug, his body trembled. I felt the effect of our hug on him, but I didn’t want to take this step, if at all. His sensitive hands started to search further and slid under my skirt.

I kissed his chest and his little warts also stood up hard. He pulled me close and hugged me tightly. I felt his hard sex, intoxicated with his desire and suddenly knew that I would give in to this boy. I snaked down on him and licked his nipples, tongued his navel and circled him. He took a deep breath and put his hand on my neck. I lay aside and opened his pants. His sex rose steeply and it seemed huge to me. I hugged it with one hand and stroked the excited head of his penis with my lips. I took it tenderly and playfully in my mouth and stroked his testicle. He tried to penetrate me deeply in the rush of his feelings, but I gently pushed him back. His pelvis moved restlessly below me and his sigh grew stronger. I kissed his sex, his skin. He tensed and began to gasp. I lay down on him and hugged his penis with my breasts. I gently rubbed it on until a hot dampness wet my skin and a scream dipped from his throat into the starry sky. Cheering he took me in my arms.

“That was wonderful-wonderful-beautiful!” He looked down at himself, where his sex was still standing at attention. “Do you think he’s beautiful?”

“Very nice indeed!” I kissed the tip of his nose.

“Do you want to feel it in you?”

I nodded in agreement. He rolled me on the back and his hand slipped under my skirt again.

“Wouldn’t you like to finally undress too?”

“Yes!” I got up and undressed. He sat down and touched my most intimate with his fingertips. It felt wonderful! He caressed me gently.

“I would never have believed that a woman would feel so beautiful!”

“Am I really the first woman for you?”

“Yes, you are!”

I didn’t care now. I was totally heated and longed for him. My hands slid over his back and kneaded his buttocks as his penis was over my face. I opened my mouth and wanted to let it penetrate again, but he only stroked my lips gently and was then quickly at my pubic. I opened myself up to him and when I felt the tip of his penis, there was an overwhelming desire in me! He pushed me pretty hard and then lay quietly on me for a moment.

“You beautiful … beautiful …”

Again he hit me hard and deep. I put my hands on his hips and gently pushed him up.

“Not so wild!” I whispered. “Only a very small piece at first …”

His penis tip started to play with me in exactly the way I wanted and I enjoyed it to the fullest. He quickly understood how to fulfill my wishes. I became more and more greedy to be conquered by him and I trembled with joyful legs around him. He endured it for an astonishingly long time and I had the feeling that I was completely filled by his penis. He really managed to let me enjoy the glories of love and I pushed him as deep as I could in my middle. The lustful waves in my body almost made me pass out. At first he seemed a little confused, but then I felt him get harder and gasping, his hot spring gushed into my still boiling body.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world!”, He said quite breathlessly.

I happily hugged him and wiped a few strands of damp hair from his face. “Never in my life will I find another woman more beautiful than you!” He pointed to a star that shone particularly brightly. “That up there should be my witness!”

“This is Venus!”

“All the better!”

I snuggled in love with his body. The night blurred the traces of age difference and I wished the night would never end.

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